arashiwolfpup_1 (arashiwolfpup_1) wrote in boogiegrim,


This is just a snip of the boogie grim fic have since i'm going to be going over it.

First Kiss of Fate
Fate never has been that kind to bleach out boy whose dark hair at times fell into the mysterious silversih grey eyes. His pale skin shines under moonlight as the thirteen year old gaze at the stars with a look of wonder. It was rare when he could come to earth to see the stars at night when he lives in the underworld.

He could hear the footsteps of his mother calling out to him, ‘Grim, it’s time for bed.”

Glancing at the woman with a smile, the boy replies respectfully. “Coming, mom I hav a question to ask you…”

Nodding to her son, the woman waited for the boy to continue when she saw the bashful look on his young face. She understood clearly that it must deal with love topic again. Grim sigh softly embarrassed to ask but he had been curious for a while and heard other kids talk about it. “Mom, what is a first kiss like?”
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