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Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day

Summary-Taking a break from those pesky kids, Grim watches the clouds on a hill near by the town. He didn’t expect for Boogie to stop by or the fact he’s in human form making the reaper wonder if there is a chance they can be friends at least.

Stretching himself on the ground, Grim just smiles glad to get away from those annoying kids. He pops his arms getting feeling of blood flowing though his human arm. It’s a good thing those twerps don’t know his human form or else it be hell. He yawns letting his eyes drop a few centimeters when someone comes up the hill.

“Hm? Wonder who that can be,” Grim mutters underneath his breath as his eyes meets turquoise color ones as brown hair sits on top of the other’s head.

He tilt his head trying to figure where those eyes seem so familiar but couldn’t think of where. He shrugs it off checking if those brats are near by but to his luck they aren’t. He watch as the man rubs the back of his neck nervously getting Grim to yawn once more. Settling more comfortable on the ground, the man goes back looking at the clouds kind of sad there isn’t that many as other days.

“Grim?” The brunette ask softly making the raven hair man to blink for a few minutes losing his concentration of the façade he’s holding up as a skull appear for a minute or two.

The man groans feeling his human features come back as a headache. He snaps at the unsuspecting man, “What the hell is that for?”

He blinks in confusion then ask, “Who are you and how do you know my name?”

The other sighs crossing his arms over his chest biting his lip in thought. Grim couldn’t help but admit the guy look kind of cute in a serious sort of way. Silver eyes gaze over the well built body a few minutes. Grim realize what he’s doing scoffs softly glancing in the opposite direction.

He nearly bit his tongue when the stranger reveals, “It’s me Boogie.”

“Boogie?” Grim exclaim shock what’ he’s hearing. Can this be the same jerk that made his life hell when they where younger?

Boogie bows his head as his eyes close in sadness. He shifts in his spot not having an arrogant smirk or anything to that expression Grim could recognize on his tormentor’s face.

He mutters so soft Grim had to strain his ears to catch it, “I’m sorry for everything.”

Grim sighs waving his hand getting the brunette to stare with confusion.

“Forget about it Boogie. Whatever happens in the past let it stay in the past,” The reaper reply watching the other for a few minutes.

Boogie gives a small yet shies like smile asking curiously, “Friends?”

“Hm...I think that will do just fine,” Grim answers smiling widely.

“Er what are you doing here?” The other inquires softly, not wanting to push his possible friend away.

He has a lot to make up for so it’s best to start of slowly. He watches as Grim laughs with amusement getting him to smile. That laugh is contiguous Boogie decided as a smile tugs on his lips.

“I wanted to get away from those annoying brats. They don’t know that I’m not that skeleton they abuse,” Grim answers thinking carefully.

“I think they care about you in their own way. I mean they look up to you and it’s obvious to me,” Boogie answers not understanding how Grim can’t see that.

“They do?”

Boogie nods as grim thinks it over. He watches the raven man smiles a bit falling back on the grass gazing at the clouds. He turns his head to look at the brunette telling him childishly, “Are you just going to be standing or are you going to get your but on the ground to watch the clouds with me?”

Boogie complies gazing at the clouds. This is a step to a better friendship. He has a strong feeling of it. Who knows where this may lead but for now it’s a fresh start?

“Can we do this from time to time?” He asks liking how comfortable they are with each other.

“Sure,” Grim replies sleepily not seeing Boogie’s grateful look.

Grim glance at Boogie in thought before holding out his hand making the other to blink in shock. Rolling his eyes he takes Boogie’s warm hand in his own shaking it saying the words warming up the other’s heart, “Friends.”

“Friends,” Boogie echoes.
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