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How to tell

Summary: Grim has some news he wants to tell Boogie but doesn’t know how to say it. He comes up with a dinner that shows many hints of his surprise. Mpreg, request fic

How to tell

Biting his lips nervously, Grim push back his hair. Dark stormy eyes takes in the test results. He receive from the doctor. Its positive. A small shy smile touches his lips. He found himself happy at the idea of becoming a parent. Frightening yet exciting to him nerveless. He hopes Boogie will take the news.

He moans trying to think. How should he tell him? Boogie could react fine then pass our or take it as a joke. Preferably he would like the first one. He folds the paper placing it on a pile under his bills heading into the kitchen figuring cooking would help relax him.   He pulled out most of the baby items of foods without realizing making a delicious dinner that would greet Boogie when he comes through the door.

-Two hours later-

Grim wipes his forehead gazing over the food he made. He blush darkly noticing the baby shrimp in the pasta. Baby red potatoes cut perfectly and evenly cook. He could hear someone opening the door. A smile touches his lips.

“Grim I’m home.”

“In here Boogie.” He calls out shyly heart beating in his chest.

He watch his husband walk in the dining room taking in the food prepared. Boogie couldn’t help but notice a lot of the food look small or baby things. He shakes his head as that thought cross his mind. That’s impossible.

“What is this about Grimmy?” He ask noticing the raven hair man stiffen his smile gone.

“I got the results from the doctor,” He admit instead of answering the question keeping a neutral face. He points to the results near Boogie’s plate watching him read it. His eyes widen then stares at the other.

“Is it true?” he question not able to say the words out loud.

“Yes its true. I’m pregnant,” Grim answers shyly feeling Boogie pull him in his arms hugging him tight cooing at him.

A family at last! Boogie couldn’t be more happier. He wipes the tears of joy rolling down Grim’s face as they both place their hands on his flat stomach imaging the life that been created.
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