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Ice Skating Lesson

Summary: Boogie has only one request to ask Grim. Learning to skate but is slightly embarrass to ass him. Grim agrees to give him lessons as long he doesn’t do anything to harm him.



Ice Skating Lessons

Grim stares at the creature in front of him. His eyes narrow suspiciously for a few minutes not sure if he’s going to believe him at the moment. He shook his head as a small chuckle escapes from him. “You aren’t really serious right?”

Boogie blushes slightly muttering under his breath. “I don’t find it funny at all.”

Grim shakes his head once more replying to monster in front of him. “I’m not laughing because its funny but more out of shock. Besides I wouldn’t mind to help you with this.”

Boogie’s green eyes widen a bit at the answer he receives from the grim reaper. He wants to learn how to skate on ice but sort of embarrass to ask his one time enemy. He thought Grim is busy with those kids he watches over.

As if reading his mind, Grim replies. “Well Mandy is minding her own business while Billy just his usual self.”

Boogie nods staring at the white snow around them as the laughter of children reaches his ears. He felt a small smile tug his lips slightly remembering his own childhood having fun and of course Grim. His green eyes moves quickly to the reaper wondering what is in store for him.

Grim could feel the eyes of the creature behind him as he walks towards the frozen pond. With his scythe he gets the two of them ice skates just as the two familiar forms of Billy and Mandy comes towards them. Grim puts on his skates with ease knowing the pesky kids are close but has a feeling they are just enjoying the beautiful day.

Mandy puts on her ice skates barely glancing at Grim or Boogie as she skates on the ice. Billy follows even though he kept on falling down but kept trying till he got some balance. Grim turns to Boogie with a look that seems to say ‘see it’s nothing to be a shamed of.’ Boogie sighs putting on the skates but wasn’t sure how to tie them before he could ask for help Grim ties them already. He watches the boy fall several more times laughing known the less even though he’s getting better. He glances back at Grim wondering where he learns to tie the laces.

“I was shown how when I was a kid.” He answers the unspoken question Grim helps Boogie stand on the ice keeping hold of his arm to steady the other.

He could see the fear in those green eyes so he didn’t say anything. He slowly leads Boogie around the pond getting a few yelps from the other. Boogie shivers slightly afraid he’s going to fall but found he wasn’t at all. He could feel the firm grip that Grim has on him. He couldn’t help but be thankful for that.

“Are you ready to go on your own?” The reaper asks. |

Boogie nods wanting to try a bit on his own. He nearly falls as Grim lets go of him. He watches the skeleton do several impressive spins then a few figure eights. He couldn’t help but be happy that he has a good friend in Grim. He could see the blonde girl skate with a small hint of joy in those dark eyes. Boogie moves forward a bit only to fall on his but as a small blush form on his cheeks.

Many skates towards the green creature surprise at the determine look. “Not bad for your first time even though it’s better then Billy.” She replies skating away after helping Boogie up.

Boogie knew that’s the closest thing he’s going to get as a compliment from the girl. He gives a small smile trying a few more times to skate finding it easier now and glances up to find Grim standing in front of him with a smile directed at him.

“That’s pretty good for your first lesson.” Grim tells Boogie kindly.

Boogie nods in agreement answering softly. “Thanks for helping and all.”

Grim smirks grabbing some snow in his hands forming it into a snowball laughing softly. Boogie yelps feeling the cold against his skin. He returns the smirk throwing his own snowball at the reaper. They didn’t notice the two kids watching them as another boy comes to them.

Mandy gazes at the newcomer blankly replying. “You owe me five bucks Erwin.”

Erwin nods in understanding losing the bet about the two have a snowball fight after the lesson. He glances at Billy to find him laughing. ‘Well at least it’s a nice day.”


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